Bio-One of Alabama decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Hoarding Cleanup Services in Birmingham, AL

Bio-One of Alabama is the #1 provider of Hoarding Cleanup Services in Birmingham, AL.

First and foremost, hoarding cleanup is the single most common job we perform for our customers. We are passionate about helping hoarders and their families, and we stand by our work as being the most professional in all of Alabama.

Unlike standard junk removal companies, Bio-One of Alabama is more specific: we help hoarders and their families not only rid their homes of unwanted or discarded items, but we meticulously go through items to salvage what needs to be kept, recover any and all valuables, and then deep clean the home at the end.

Whether the situation is mild hoarding/pack-rat situation, or a property that is biohazardous - Bio-One of Alabama can help.

We also offer financing on our hoarding cleanup services, which is a big help to those on a budget.

All of our technicians are local Alabamians, and our company is family-owned. Our Birmingham location serves Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Cullman, Anniston and everywhere in between. We also have a Huntsville location and Montgomery location.

Call Bio-One of Alabama today for your free hoarding cleanup estimate: (205) 937-1708