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Rodent Droppings Clean Up


Who Cleans Up Rodent Droppings in Alabama?

That's a good question, because, not a lot of people do! You might think pest control companies would provide this service after controlling for pests, but most pest control companies actually do not clean up or disinfect rodent droppings.


Rodent droppings are small, but they're a big deal! Typically found in attics or crawlspaces, but also throughout the home, rodent droppings are dangerous because they can harbor diseases such as Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, Salmonellosis and Rat-Bite Fever. Going up into your attic to retrieve some old photos, and accidentally breathing in, or touching rodent droppings can pose a serious risk, so disinfection is key.


Bio-One specializes in the disinfection of viruses, pathogens, diseases and bacteria - we have been disinfecting for C-diff, MRSA, HIV, and cleaning up things like crime scenes and hoarder houses for years. Rodent droppings cleanup is another one of our specialties, and is one of our most common clean ups. 


We provide rodent droppings cleanup services in Huntsville, Birmingham, and all areas throughout North and Central Alabama. Call us today for a free estimate:


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