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Who Removes Insulation From Attics and Crawl Spaces in Alabama?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the insulation in your walls, crawl space and attic - whether the insulation became wet because of a leak, mold, pests/rodents or a number of other reasons. Bio-One is one local company that helps customers every day with their insulation removal needs.


A locally owned company with offices in Huntsville and Birmingham, Bio-One is the leader in biohazard and mold remediation in Alabama. We get called by customers to remediate their home from mold, or to remove rodent droppings and urine from their attics - both scenarios which often require the insulation to be removed. 


Once your insulation becomes compromised with biohazards or mold, there is no safe way to actually clean it. And though many companies may offer insulation removal, you want to make sure you are hiring a company who knows how to remove it safely. Things like mold and the bacteria in rodent droppings can become airborne and negatively affect the health of the homeowner - so taking the right safety measures to contain the area, utilize air scrubbing devices and HEPA filtration, Bio-One makes sure to not only remove your insulation safely, but also affordably.


Call Bio-One of Huntsville today at (256) 677-6111 or Bio-One of Alabama in Birmingham at (205) 937-1708 for 100% free estimates.


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