Bio-One of Alabama decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Top 5 Best COVID-19 Cleaning Companies in Alabama


COVID-19 Disinfection Services in Birmingham & All of Alabama

Many cleaning companies have been offering COVID-19 disinfection services in Alabama since this crisis started in March of 2020. Cleaning companies probably know what they are doing, but beware of individuals or non-cleaning specialists who are all of a sudden offering this service. Many painters and other different types of non-cleaners are advertising this service, but they probably aren't licensed, trained or insured to do so.


Bio-One, a biohazard cleaning company located in Birmingham and Huntsville, AL, specializes in COVID-19 cleaning. In fact, Bio-One has been performing disinfection services throughout North and Central Alabama for many years - we are trained to kill viruses, pathogens, and anything harmful. Specializing in biohazard/crime scene cleaning & disinfection, Bio-One has the ability to help you with Coronavirus cleaning in any home, building, vehicle or any space.


Call Bio-One in Birmingham at 205-937-1708 or Bio-One in Huntsville at 256-677-6111 anytime to schedule your service.






















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